Top 8 Most Effective Email Marketing Practices

Top 8 Most Effective Email Marketing Practices

Email marketing was probably invented as soon as the first email was sent and it has not stopped ever since. Simply because it works. But have you not wondered how others seem to thrive effortlessly using this method while others don’t?

If you have already mastered email marketing and are raking in sales even while watching the Maldivian sunset, hey, we need you!

Oh, well, I don’t want to spoil your beach holiday so I’ve done my part. This is to help those who have been struggling generating returns from emails.

When you look at the list I’ve covered, they’re pretty basic. You’d think, “But I’ve been doing the same things, what’s the difference?”

Yeah, there’s a difference.

You may have been using all these elements I will discuss but how you use them determines the effectiveness of your methods. If all you have experienced with your email marketing are frustrations, then maybe you’ve been ignoring certain nitty-gritties of this useful tool.

While all emails may look the same, this article will help you make yours stand out…and generate sales as a result.

Let’s get started.

Call to Action – You Can’t Help But Click

This is what separates a typical email from a marketing email. You must be able to get your recipients to take action.

Otherwise, you’ve just wasted your energy and their time composing and sending your message.

How to make it effective:

  • Place the first one above the fold of your main message. Tell your audience what your email is for and what they should do next. Here are a few examples
  • Put at least 3 links and spread them throughout the body of your email. Get your audience to click a link.
  • Use an attractive button. Colors orange, green and red usually get the attention.

Absolutely Irresistible Email Subject Lines

Okay, the first thing they see. Make it dramatic. Uhmm, not really.

How to make it effective:

  • Be sure it’s catchy. By catchy, I mean something that can answer your audience’s pain just by seeing the subject line even before they open the email.
  • Make it only 50 characters or less. Don’t get carried away, there isn’t much room for plenty of words on the subject bar.
  • Write it like you write a title. See the title of this article? It’s written in downstyle format where the first letter of each word is capitalized except the prepositions (a, an, of, etc.).

Here is a list of great subject lines

33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone.

Get Personal

You’ve found the one from across the oceans. You’ve been writing each other daily and exchanging sweet messages through emails. Uh-uh, that’s not what this is all about. I think it’s wonderful that your romantic life is flourishing but…let’s get into business. 🙂

How to make it effective:

  • Address your recipients by first name. You can adjust this is in the email setting in order to personalize it depending on the recipients. A bit technical but if you need help, shoot me an email or leave a comment below.
  • Write a one-off email thanking your subscribers for sticking through. A very simple trick but it’s nice to let them know you don’t take them for granted.
  • Show that you care. Make your audience your priority. Speak to them like it’s all about them and not about you or the business (eventhough this is part the agenda). Don’t sound too salesy. Get in your audience’s good side to make them trust you and your products.
  • Set expectation. In the very first emails tell them, who you are, what’s going to happen next and also that they can unsubscribe whenever they want

Main Message (format)

 Oscar Wilde

Make it easy on the eye.

Yours is not the only email that makes up a space in the Inbox of your recipients. Make it one that they’d want to read. It’s important to choose a format without too many things going on.

To read the whole article, click here.


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