7 Authors Ruling the Twitterverse to Sell More Books in the Process

“I’m always writing a book. It’s my thing.”

Can you guess who tweeted this? That’s a famous author’s reply to a follower’s tweet. Later, I’ll share to you who this famous author is. In fact, I’ve rounded up 7 authors that are active on Twitter.

They’re as famous as their books. You’d think the only thing they talk about is their book. Uh uh, that’s not true at all. They interact with their fans, they share tidbits of their personal lives, let us in into a sneak-peak of their upcoming book, and even make us laugh.

Twitter has bridged the gap between readers and authors with just 140 characters, building a stronger connection with their fan base.

These authors are racking up hundreds and even millions of followers. Their books filled your shelves, made waiting time in lines bearable, helped put you to sleep, made you discover that finishing a book is equivalent to the amount of time it takes to finish a large Frappuccino…and the list goes on.

Who says only Hollywood makes rock stars?
Here are the 7 famous authors who are active on Twitter. I wrote a reason in 140 characters or less why you should follow them.

Because you should.

Follow my complete article on the 7 authors ruling Twitter here


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