Marketing Kit For Authors

I will build your author brand for less than $149

First impression is really important, and you need to stand out, especially on social media.



All the graphics below customized with your text and book covers in a matter of days. If you want your book to stand out on social media and make your life easier when posting updates or promo about your books on Facebook/Twitter or linked get these graphics today.

Here is a list of what you will receive:

  1. Facebook Cover Art For Your Book (Value: $27)
  2. Youtube Channel Art (Value: $27)
  3. Twitter Header Design (Value: $27)
  4. 2 x Website Banner Ad (Value: $67)
  5. Facebook Ad Post (Value: $27)
  6. Business Card Design (Published Author) (Value: $37)
  7. Facebook Square Post (Morning Coffee) (Value: $27)
  8. Google Plus Cover Art (Value: $27)
  9. 2 x 3D Cover Design (Value: $27)
  10. Pinterest Post (Value: $27)
  11. A document on how and where to use them

Regular Price: $320!
Early-Bird Special (Limited): $149


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